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Truly Know Your Network
Troubleshoot Network Issues
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“Network Observability is the ability to answer any question about your Network”

The World's First Open Source Multi-Vendor Solution for Network Observability

Why SuzieQ?

Network failures are common and have significant impact. They are caused primarily by two issues – mis-configurations and hardware failures. SuzieQ provides a low-code/no-code approach to resolving faults, preventing outages by proactively finding faults, and validating each and every change to the network.

Platforms We Support

Brownfield deployments included…

"[SuzieQ] allows us to focus on writing tests rather than on gathering the data
(and on keeping abreast of vendor-related changes to their network OSs). 

SuzieQ is great by default, and there is no need to write very sophisticated tests in Python."

User Blog

Hostinger's Donatas Abraitis provides an overview of how this european hoster uses SusieQ to automate testing of their Network. Make sure you read both parts of the blog as he goes into a lot of detail in the 2nd post.

Press Article

Can you really build a sustainable business giving away lots of value through Open Source? Absolutely, and we're far from the first company to go down that route, even if it's uncommon in the Networking industry...

Blog Post

SuzieQ Creator Dinesh Dutt & Batfish's Ratul Mahajan discuss how to achieve closed-loop network validation with both pre and post change validation in this Medium Blog Post

User Blog

The final installment of JulioPDX's technical series on Building a Network CI/CD Pipeline provides a step by step guide to installing and start getting value from SuzieQ as part of CI/CD pipeline.

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