Healthier Networks Through Network Observability

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Why Use Suzieq?

Network-wide Search

Locate IP addresses, MAC addresses, routes, interface, protocol state, and more.

Network CLI

Network-wide CLI to view, sort, and filter critical information of all devices in the network.

Track Changes

Track changes over time across your network thanks to Suzieq’s continuous telemetry

Validate State

Verify interface settings, protocol state, and more are working as expected, locate faults.


Enable Safe Changes

Validate your network before
and after your changes.




Troubleshoot problems systematically without logging into multiple devices to
gather data.

Catch Problems Before Customers Do

Find problems before your customers do by examining data that your other monitoring aren’t looking in your network.

Catch Errors Before they Cause Problems

Find errors your network before they cause customer issues.



Know Why Your Network is Broken

You know when your network is broken, but not why it’s broken. Knowing why enables finding problems quickly.

Monitoring More
Than Metrics

Monitor operational state of devices to provide situational awareness around metrics.

Audit Single
Source of Truth

Suzieq can verify what’s actually in your network and compare to your SSOT.

Path Trace

Debug packet forwarding in your network. Path Trace shows you how packets get forwarded and where there are problems.


Take advantage of a visual interface to simplify tasks such as path trace, frequency distributions, searches etc.


All the information that is accessible via the CLI and the GUI is also via a REST API enabling external integrations.


Python Interface

Provides a simple yet powerful Python interface to allow sophisticated users to craft their own analysis and data gathering.

Open Source

Open source, with a quick, iterative development cycle.



Support for most popular devices from Arista, Cisco, Cumulus, Juniper, and Linux server.

Community Support

Participate in a budding community to help you deploy, use, and improve.

Contact us at and tells us about yourself and/or if there is anything that you need from Suzieq, or if you are interested in helping us figure out how best to help you operate your network better.