About Us


Dinesh Dutt

Dinesh G Dutt is a well known industry expert and author of three very popular and well-regarded books on data center networks, all published by O’Reilly. His most recent work is titled Cloud Native Data Center Networking. He has spent 20 years in the networking industry, first working for Cisco Systems where he started as software engineer and finished as a Cisco Fellow. His next stint–we’ll leave a more famous 2 week detour out of the discussion–was as the Chief Scientist at Cumulus Networks, the company that started the network disaggregation revolution. He’s passionate about networks and open source. At Cisco, he was one of the key architects behind many of Cisco’s mega switches such as Catalyst 6500, MDS Storage Switches, and the Nexus 7000 and 5000 family of switches. He is the coinventor of VXLAN.

Justin Pietsch

Justin Pietsch was most recently a Principal Network Engineer at AWS. Justin’s experience is largely based on this time at Amazon, 17 years (16 years, 11 months and 21 days, actually.) He focused mostly on datacenter networking and architected what is probably the largest datacenter network in the world. He did many things during his time at Amazon including designing the main network architecture, starting the project to have Amazon’s own Network OS on it’s routes, and building the configuration management system for the datacenters. He cares deeply about software systems for network engineers so that they can design, build, and operate networks well.